Who is not nurtured by a meander down a misty forest path in the early spring, a stroll into the woods on a late autumn afternoon, or an envigorating adventure along an icy winter forest trail?   These are multi-sensory experiences.  These are journeys in Sacred places. These are encounters connecting us to the earth, to those who have walked before us, and to all who will follow.

I want to make photographs from these Sacred places that embrace, for me, the experiential immediacy of the moment.  I hope these images, and my prints, will be for the viewer an invitation to discover their own intimate connections in the natural world --- places that nurture and sustain us all.

I always enjoy making well composed, properly focused and exposed photographs and quality prints.  With the images in my Woodlands, and Waterscape series in another gallery, however, using intentional camera movement, my hope is to capture the light, colors, lines, and textures of the forest and at the waters edge in a manner that evokes an experience beyond the literal --- a reach for the awe, mystery and transcendence of the natural world.