One of my blessings is an affirming and supportive travel companion, my wife Jean.  As a birder, she and her binoculars remain happily occupied while I fuss with my tripod or await the changing light.  She also has a creative eye for appealing compositions and willingly helps to schlep photography equipment!   I most enjoy making photographs when time allows me to be in the place, to see it, to sense its moods, to appreciate its colors and forms, and to make images reflective of those experiences.  Most travel photography is a different process --- the schedule is often predefined,  the travel guide is about out of sight,  or meal time has arrived, or travel time to the next lodging reservation intervenes.  None the less, I've enjoyed the necessary spontaneity of photographing in such circumstances and, as this portion of the web site develops,  I hope viewers will enjoy a glimpse of some of our travel experiences.