Proximity to the water's edge nourishes one's soul. It is a sensory experience --- light and color, subtle or shimmering, muted or intense, fragrances and sounds, salt air, the dankness of a forest embracing a gentle stream, trickles or surges. It is always a pleasure to get the exposure and composition just right, to make a "post-card worthy" image, but somehow the feeling of the place, the mood of the moment, is often missing from such an image.  Many years ago I realized that making images with slow shutter speeds and intentional camera movement could add an emotional or "feeling" dimension to the photograph. And often cropping and adjustments in Lightroom and Photoshop, both global and selective, augment the creative process.  Initially, I thought I was clever to have discovered the value of "intentional camera movement", I soon realized that many others long ago had perfected the technic and they remain a model for my efforts. Images from this series were exhibited at Gallery A3 in Amherst in 2015, at the Carlisle Arts Learning Center in 2016, and are the subject of my first self-published photo book in 2016, Waterscapes: Light, Color, Gesture.