One of the pleasures of making photographs is the opportunity to share work with others.  I hope visitors will enjoy these web site images, selected from several bodies of work and some of our travels.  Prints are available for purchase. 

This new site was launched in February, 2017.  Many galleries from my original web site have been rebuilt and expanded, some new galleries have been added, and  I plan to periodically add new work and additional travel images.  Please revisit!


A truly effective image is evocative for the viewer, just as the experience in the moment was for the photographer. As for many individuals, a sense of place and permanence is important to me. But we are all on a journey in this life, seeking and thirsting for what we do not understand, for spiritual meaning in our life and in our relationships with our families and friends, and with all that is Sacred. Celtic peoples spoke of “thin places”, where the veil separating us from the other side is briefly transparent, and it is those places, on that Holy Ground, those experiences in the natural world, that compel me to photograph. I hope that at least some of my images offer for the viewer a glimpse through that veil. 

Images from this series were exhibited at Gallery A3 in Amherst in 2015, at the Carlisle Arts Learning Center in 2016, and are the subject of my first self-published photo book in 2016, Waterscapes:  Light, Color, Gesture.